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In this section we present useful documents, training material and papers on the European Company (SE). Further resources on our website include the FAQ on the SEand the NEWS section (containing e.g. information on the ongoing review process of the SE legislation, the Facts and Figures slides and Case studies) . For information on SE companies visit our European Company Database website.

A decade of experience with the European Company

This publication of the SEEurope Network provides a comprehensive overview of the legislation on the European company (SE – Societas Europaea) and its history and development. It assesses the overall significance and impact of the SE on the business sector and on worker involvement in Europe and provides an outlook for the future of the SE. The publication also makes specific recommendations for policymakers regarding the future revision of the SE legislation specifically as well as European company law and corporate governance generally.

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Implication des travailleurs dans la Société européenne (SE) - Guide pour les acteurs de terrain

En octobre 2001, l’UE a officiellement adopté la législation sur la Société européenne, également connue sous son nom latin Societas Europaea (SE). Ce guide vise à garantir que les opportunités offertes par la législation sur la SE soient exploitées. Il a d’abord et avant tout été conçu pour aider les acteurs de terrain à préparer et à conduire les négociations portant sur les accords relatifs à l’implication des travailleurs dans les SE. Also available in English and German.

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Worker involvement in the European Company (SE) - A handbook for practitioners

The handbook introduces the SE and its mechanism of employee involvement. It explains the negotiation procedures and provides ‘tips and tricks’ for a decent preparation of negotiations. Based on the experience of several experts, it gives an overview of key aspects of an SE agreement and includes an extensive set of overviews, graphics and comparative tables.

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Transfer issue on employee participation at company level and social dialogue


This Transfer issue is to take stock of the various Commission initiatives in the fields of employee participation at company level and social dialogue generally. A particular focus lies on the opportunities and challenges which these initiatives provide to trade unions in terms of their capacity to influence developments at European level. While the first part focuses on the sectoral and cross-sectoral (interprofessional) levels analysing developments in social dialogue, the second part concentrates on the company level, examining the impact of the three main legislative measures that have been adopted in the field of employee participation since the mid-1990s: the European Works Councils Directive, the Directive on the involvement of employees in European Companies and the framework Directive on information and consultation at the national level

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Questions related to the review of the SE Directive – Basic considerations for the Social Partners’ consultation (SEEurope summary report)

The European Commission decided in July 2011 to reopen the consultation on the SE legislation. The new initiative was a first-phase consultation of the social partners under Article 154 TFEU on the possible review of Directive 2001/86/EC supplementing the Statute for a European company with regard to the involvement of employees. The ETUC consulted the affiliates based on a draft submission paper that was formulated in cooperation with the ETUI’s SEEurope team. In summer 2011 the national SEEurope experts were also asked to react to the questions raised in the consultation documents based on their expertise.

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Worker participation: a ‘burden’ on the European Company (SE)? - A critical assessment of an EU consultation process

In March 2010, the EU Commission finally made available the so-called ‘Ernst and Young study’ on the operation and the impacts of the Statute for a European Company. Shortly afterwards the Commission launched an online consultation on the results of the study. In July 2010, the European Commission produced a summary report on the replies to the online consultation.This ETUI paper brings together a critical analysis of the consultation procedure, the Commission consultation summary and the ETUI’s reply to the consultation on the Ernst&Young study.

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Die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft

The publication is a timely update (5th edition) of a booklet providing a detailed overview of the SE as well as additional information on cross-border mergers. This publication is part of a series of practical guides for board level employee representatives. As it gives more detailed background information on the SE it is a valuable complement to another recent HBS publication for those involved in negotiations on SE agreements.

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Mitbestimmung in der Europäischen Aktiengesellschaft (SE)

The publication is an analysis of 44 agreements in German SEs dealing with worker participation, information and consultation. Basic background information on the SE is provided at the beginning of the book. The core of the book however is numerous examples of portions of concrete agreements, divided up by subject area. An accompanying CD makes referencing provisions easier. The examples provide guidance for those involved in first-time negotiation or renegotiation of SE agreements.

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The European Company (SE) in the Netherlands – Opportunities and risks for worker participation (in Dutch)

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In the journal Zeggenschap, Elwin Wolters and Jan Cremers provide an overview of worker involvement in Dutch SEs. Their article 'The European Company (SE) in the Netherlands – Opportunities and risks for worker participation' analyses the consequences for worker involvement in the Netherlands in respect of specific Dutch SE characteristics, such as the high number of transfers of seats and the favourable tax regime. The article is available in Dutch.

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The European Company - Prospects for worker board-level participation in the enlarged EU

Cover SE booklet

The booklet provides information on different aspects of the European Company (SE) such as the question of worker involvement, the national transposition processes and taxation aspects. Moreover, information is given on the development and the different national systems of worker participation on supervisory or administrative boards throughout the European Union. (Available for free in English and German)

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The European company statute - A new approach to corporate governance

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The European Company Statute (ECS) is one of the most important pieces of legislation adopted so far by the European Union in the field of company law. Published by Peter Lang, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the history, structure, legal basis and likely impact of the ECS, examining its evolution over some 30 years of development and its chances for integrating diverse models of corporate governance across the European Economic Area.

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Flowchart on the negotiation procedure

Available in EN, DE and FR.

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The European Company and Company law and Existing legislative provision for employee participation in the EU member states (ETUI report 79)

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In this report, jointly published by the European Trade Union Institute and the German Hans Böckler Foundation, information is compiled on the question “What is an SE?”, as well as on company law and existing legislation providing for worker participation at board level in the EU-15 countries. The text of the European Company Statute and the EU Directive on employee involvement in the SE are included to round off this information.

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EMF Guidelines on the SE and Checklist

The European Metalworkers' Federation (EMF) has adopted in March 2003 guidelines on the European Company (SE). In November 2004, EMF presented a check-list for an Agreement on workers' involvement in SE-companies (WISE). Available in EN, DE and FR.

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SE basic slides (Hans Böckler Foundation)

The slides provide an overview on the content and the procedures of the SE regulation and the SE directive. It is available in EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, PL, PT, HU and CS.

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Group of Experts "SE" 

The Commission-convened Expert Group prepared a series of detailled Working Papers on the SE Directive.The Expert Group was set up at the request of the Council and was composed of national experts and social affairs counsellors in order to provide a forum for discussing the arrangements for the transpostion of the SE Directive into national legislation. Available in EN and FR.

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ETUC Working Papers on the SE

10 Working Papers on different aspects of the SE legislation. Available in EN, FR and DE

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Checklists on the European Company (SE)

The checklists have been prepared in a collaboration between UNI-Europa and ETUI to provide information on crucial aspects of the SE legislation. They are available in EN, FR and DE.

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SE Database (ECDB)

Since 2005 the ETUI has been regularly issuing information on registered SEs which is supplied by its SEEurope research network. Since July 2008 the information is accessible via a specific online database. The ECDB delivers key data to facilitate observation and analysis of developments on European Companies.