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Transposition of SE Legislation in Greece (Update: March 2005)

One year after the March 2004 Greek general election and the change of government there have not been many significant developments or much progress concerning transposition of the SE Directive. Progress consists mainly in the formation of a working committee with the task of drafting the transposition text.
With a view to establishing what progress had been made and to elicit the government’s intentions on the issue a parliamentary question was submitted in late January by PASOK MP Mr Protopapas. The question was addressed to the Minister of Employment and referred to progress and plans to transpose the SE Directive.

In mid February the Minister of Employment replied concerning the current situation and plans for transposing the SE Directive.
According to the Ministry of Employment the topic is under consideration by three Ministries, namely Employment, the Economy and Development.
A committee has been formed at the Ministry of Employment which is working on a draft Presidential Decree concerning transposition of the Directive. The committee is chaired by a member of the State Legal Council (Elegktikon Synedrio), and includes representatives of the three Ministries, as well as of the social partners.
The committee is drafting the Presidential Decree article by article and is expected to complete the preparatory work soon, the Minister said. The Minister of Employment attributes the delay in transposition to delays affecting the Committee.
It therefore remains unclear when transposition will take place. New reporting will focus on the contents of the draft Presidential Decree when it reaches its final stages.

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