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Book poster: 'Long-term investment and the Sustainable Company: a stakeholder perspective. Vol. III'

Poster promoting the Sustainable Company vol. III book edited by Sigurt Vitols.

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Book poster 'too little too late'

Copyright @ R.Jagodzinski 2016

Variations on a theme? poster

EWC Facts and Figures 2015 poster

Authors: Romuald Jagodzinski (ETUI) & Gaia Russo (designer)

Worker-participation.eu website infographic

Website 1 poster/inforgraphic - Sie haben keine Berechtigung dieses Objekt zu betrachten.

Infographic presenting an overview of the ETUI's topical website dedicated to worker participation (information, consultation, co-determination).

Authors: R. Jagodzinski (ETUI) & Gaia Russo (designer) @ 2015

Infographic: 20 years of legislation on European Works Councils

Infographic presenting developments and challenges over the past 20 yeas since the introduction of the directive 94/45/EC and an outlook for European Works Councils on the 20th anniversary of introduction of a legal framework.

Author/copyright: Romuald Jagodziński (ETUI), 2016

Web poster: EWCtraining.eu

Web poster presenting a new website of the ETUI'dedicated to training for workers' representatives serving on European Works Councils (issues: worker participation, information, consultation, co-determination).

Authors/copyright: R. Jagodzinski (ETUI) & Gaia Russo (designer) @ 2015