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Final report of the ITEM project published

On the 24/11/2016 in Milan a final conference of the ITEM project focusing on 'Fostering employee involvement at undertaking level by training the main players dealing with the European multinationals' took place.

During the conference the main report including conclusions of the project was presented (attached in IT, followed by EN).

The project was initiated, promoted and coordinated by the Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV) and implemented, with the support of the European Commission, by a network of institutions in Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland
and Spain, and particularly FILCAMS-CGIL and CGIL Lombardia, on the Italian side, the Catalan union Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO de Catalunya), the Institute for the training of the Bulgarian trade union confederation CITUB (WETCO), and of the Irish trade union SIPTU (IDEAS), the European trade union federation EFFAT.

The main objective of the ITEM project was to provide training to employees’ and trade union representatives to allow them to better exercise – in their various roles – the right to information and consultation, in accordance with the rules and practices laid down by European and national legislation. More specifically, the objective was to foster development and involvement of employees’ and trade union representatives within multinational undertakings, increasing the degree of awareness and knowledge about the participatory potential present in European regulations and the national systems implementing them.

The final report of the project gather experiences and lessons learned in 12 courses held, and a final conference, bringing together more than 250 participants and experts. The ETUI contributed to the project with expert input and presentations on EWC training (A. Husen-Bradley, ETUI Education) and facts and figures on EWCs (R. Jagodziński, ETUI Research).

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