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SEEurope network evolves into Workers' Participation Europe network

In its last session in London, UK on the 30-31st of March, 2017 the SEEurope expert network decided to change its name to Workers' Participation Europe network.

This change in name reflects the thematic evolution of tasks and research interest of the network.

The SEEurope network was set up in 2004 by the ETUI to monitor the establishment and evolution of the then newly created corporate form.

The SEEurope has been a network project under the leadership of the ETUI that involved legal, economic and industrial relations experts from basically all countries in which European Companies (SEs) can be set up.

The project started in 2004 by observing the transposition of the SE legislation into national law. Since that time the focus has shifted towards monitoring the practice of establishing SE with a specific focus on employee involvement. Moreover, the network has been dealing with related European initiatives in the field of company law and corporate governance. Major topics in this respect are the pending European Private Company (SPE), the cross-border mergers directive and the (planned) directive on cross-border transfer of seat. Analytically, SEEurope aims to investigate the contribution made by worker participation towards a Europeanisation of industrial relations and the integration of a social perspective into company management.

The SEEurope network meets at least twice a year to discuss recent developments at both European and national level. It has produced a broad range of publications, such as country reports, case studies and topical articles.

In the recent years the profile of the SEEurope network has expanded beyond exclusively the SEs and started to cover European Works Councils, board-level employee representation created via other ways than setting up of SEs, corporate governance issues and other topics related to workers' participation and Europeanisation of industrial relations. The composition of the network changed too.

To reflect this evolution of interests and expertise members of the network decided to change its name to Workers' Participation Europe. The essential tasks, operation and composition of the network remain unchanged.

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