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Towards a European labour identity - The case of the EWC

Comparative in perspective and based on empirical research, this book brings a collection of contributions and insights on how employee representative from different European countries perform their jobs as members of the European Works Councils. Exploring attempts to develop some sense of a common European labour identity, the authors examine not only the workings of the EWCs, utilizing individual case studies, but also analyze and asses the link with the broader discussions on European identity as well as European trade union co-ordination and solidarity.


  1. European Works Councils and the problem of identity (p. 5–18)
    Herman Knudsen, Michael Whittall and Fred Huijgen
  2. The European Works Councils Directive: changing rationales for EU regulation of employee participation (p. 19–40)
    Michael Gold
  3. Living apart together? A Corus of multiple identities (p. 41–54)
    Andrew R Timming and Ulke Veersma
  4. Beyond European Works Council networks: The break up of the Rover group (p. 55–73)
    Michael Whittall
  5. Co-ordinating across borders: the role of European industry federations within European Works Councils (p. 74–93)
    Valeria Pulignano
  6. Regional clusters of communication: between national and European identities (p. 94–110)
    Monica Andersson and Christer Thörnqvist
  7. Ethno-, poly-, and Euro-centric European Works Councils: how does German involvement influence their identity? (p. 111–131)
    Helen Bicknell
  8. Still learning from Europe: Spanish participation in European Works Councils (p. 132–149)
    Holm-Detlev Köhler and Sergio Gonzlez Begega
  9. Interest representation and European identity: a twofold challenge for European Works Councils (p. 150–168)
    Volker Telljohann
  10. European Works Council and the feeling of interdependence (p. 169–181)
    Hermann Kotthoff
  11. Preparing the ground for a social Europe? European Works Councils and European regulatory identity (p. 182–197)
    Miguel Martínez Lucio and Syd Weston
  12. Coming of age: the development of a collective identity in European Works Councils (p. 198–213)
    Torsten Müller and Stefan Rüb
  13. Tackling the identity dilemma (p. 215–227)
    Fred Huijgen, Michael Whittall and Herman Knudsen

Whittall, Michael / Knudsen, Herman / Huijgen, Fred (eds.):
Towards a European labour identity : the case of the European Work Council.
London; New York: Routledge, 2007.
ISBN 978-0-415-40396-2

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