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The reNEWed European Works Councils database portal is online

In February 2016, to mark the 10th anniversary of the ETUI online portal on European Works Councils www.ewcdb.eu (available since 2006) received a completely new interface and design. The remake of the website was the ETUI’s response to users’ growing needs and a reflection of a change in access policy: we now offer full free access to all registered and many new features.

Important: old logins and passwords (from before 22/02/2016) will NOT work --> please REGISTER ANEW.

To meet the growing contents of the EWC and SE works councils database the new website, on top of the old functions, now offers extra features:

totally FREE access upon registration;

• detailed search engines on EWC and SE population and the contents of EWC and SE agreements;

• content analysis of EWC and SE works council agreements;

• selected provisions (best practice) from EWC agreements;

• a tool to compare up to 3 EWC agreements;

• live statistics with automatic charts online;

• personal dashboard with the possibility to save searches, agreements, etc. (registered users).

Comprehensive online offer

Together with two other portals www.worker-participation.eu (since 2007) and the recently launched www.ewc-training.eu (2015) The website is a part of online dataservice provided by the ETUI’s European Workers Participation Competence Centre.

In this way the EWPCC responds to the needs of practitioners, experts and academics, trade unions and policy makers seeking reliable information on worker participation issues and industrial relations in Europe.

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