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Personal services (Hairdressing)



UNI-Europa Hair & Beauty Care (2000)




European Confederation of Hairdressing Employers' Organisations (Coiffure EU)


Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSDC)

Informal working group:




Internal Rules:

17 November 2006

Work Programme:


General overview

At present, for the purposes of European sectoral social dialogue, what is known as the “personal services” sector encompasses only hairdressing and beauty care. This sector is distinctive for its large number of (small) firms, generating well over a million jobs.

Participants and challenges

European considerations and policies might, at first sight, seem rather remote from the daily reality of hairdressing salons, yet several factors contributed to the rapid expansion of social dialogue in this sector. Since the late 1990s, this social dialogue has brought together UNI-Europa Hair & Beauty Care for the workers, and the European Confederation of Hairdressing Employers' Organisations (“Coiffure EU”) for the employers.


Ever since its inception, social dialogue in the personal services (hairdressing and beauty care) sector has been very pragmatic, aimed at achieving better service quality and brand image, but also at improving working conditions in hairdressing salons, workers’ training, and health and safety provisions.

Joint Texts


The “personal services (hairdressing)” sectoral social dialogue has resulted, since 2000, in the adoption of 8 joint texts.

ETUI and Observatoire Social Européen (2010) European Sectoral Social Dialogue Factsheets. Project coordinated by Christophe Degryse, online publication available at www.worker-participation.eu/EU-Social-Dialogue/Sectoral-ESD