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Temporary agency work







UNI-Europa - UNI Temporary Work Agencies (formerly Euro-FIET) (1999)










European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Euro-CIETT) (1967)







Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSDC)




Informal working group:











Internal Rules:



3 July 2000 and 20 October 2006



Work Programme:



2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010


General overview

The regulation of temporary agency work has been an item on the European Union’s agenda for many years. Back in 1982 the European Commission put forward a draft directive aimed at regulating companies in the sector and ensuring protection and equal treatment for temporary employees.

Participants and challenges

European social dialogue in the temporary work sector was launched in 2000. The social partners in the sector, UNI-Europa for the workers and Euro-CIETT for the employers, initially shaped their social dialogue around European-level discussion of the directive on temporary agency work.


The start of an “official” sectoral social dialogue in the temporary work sector was closely linked to EU efforts to regulate this sector. These regulatory efforts were initially undertaken, without success, by the cross-industry social partners, and then in a legislative context by the Community institutions. The borderline between “cross-industry” and “sectoral” in this area of social dialogue has therefore remained vague.

Joint texts

The “temporary agency work” sectoral social dialogue has resulted, since 2000, in the adoption of 7 joint texts.

ETUI and Observatoire Social Européen (2010) European Sectoral Social Dialogue Factsheets. Project coordinated by Christophe Degryse, online publication available at www.worker-participation.eu/EU-Social-Dialogue/Sectoral-ESD