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News on European Companies (September 2011)

As far as the establishment of SE is concerned the summer proved to be a very dynamic period. As of September 2011, a total of 909 registered SE companies were listed in the ETUI’s European Company Database (ECDB), 92 more than at the time of the previous update (June 2011). The significant growth in the number of SE registrations is still largely due to the establishment of shelf companies in the Czech Republic. New shelf producers keep appearing on the market, and the signs are that the SE is becoming an everyday alternative to national company forms. The total number of SE companies in the Czech Republic is 509 (66 more than three months ago). This makes up more than half the total number of SEs in Europe. Summarising the September 2011 figures:

Normal: 189
Shelf: 126
Empty: 96
UFO: 498
Total: 909

(for the definitions see lexicon)

More information on SE's registered: ETUI's European Company (SE) Database

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