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Framework of action on gender equality (2005)

The European social partners are committed to enhancing gender equality on the labour market and in the workplace.

The European social partners are convinced that success in tackling remaining equalities requires integrated strategies to promote gender equality including, in particular, actions to desegregate labour markets and to address gender roles in society. Addressing gender segregation in occupations and the labour market on the one hand, and barriers to better compatibility of work and family life for both men and women on the other, taking an integrated approach, is therefore key.

The four priorities on which the European social partners want the national social partners to take action within five years of the signature of the framework in 2005 are:

  • addressing gender roles;
  • promoting women in decision-making;
  • supporting the work–life balance;
  • tackling the gender pay gap.


  • Final joint evaluation report (2009): EN
  • Third follow-up report (2008): EN
  • Second follow-up report(2007): EN
  • First follow-up report (2006): EN
  • Annex to the Framework of actions on gender equality: EN
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