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Employee representatives have half the seats on the boards of larger Germany companies and one-third of the seats in medium-sized companies. Both unions and employers were consulted on the legislation implementing the directive and the employers used the discussion on implementation to start a wide-ranging attack on the national system of board-level representation.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Germany (Final Update: December 2004)

With the votes of the ruling SPD / Greens coalition, the German Bundestag has rejected on 17-12-2004 the objection raised by the (opposition dominated) second chamber (Bundesrat). The transposition law has come into force on 29 December 2004.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Germany (Updates: October and May 2004)

(October 2004): The German government failed to meet the 8 October deadline for transposition of the SE statute and directive into national law. However, on 29 October the Lower House (Bundestag) passed the draft legislation on introduction of the European Company (Societas Europeae or SE) after its second and third readings. The draft legislation is now to be debated by the Upper House (Bundesrat) at its 26 November session. Although the legislation on the introduction of the SE does not require Upper House approval to come into effect, there is still a possibility that the Opposition will request that the matter be considered by the mediation committee, so delaying the legislative process. In that case, the earliest possible date on which the Upper House could finally adopt the draft legislation would be 17 December 2004. Thus, the legislation is unlikely to come into force before 1 January or 1 February 2005.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Germany (Report: March 2004)

In view of the deadline (8 October 2004) set by the European legislator for transposition of the SE Statute and SE Directive into national law, the German government planned to complete a comprehensive draft regulation by September 2003, covering implementation of both the SE Statute and the SE Directive, and to bring this draft text before parliament. However, in September 2003 only a draft discussion paper by the Ministry of Justice – which is responsible for transposition of the SE Statute – was ready, covering the national supplementary provisions necessary for introduction of the SE.

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Translated transposition laws 

The full text of the transposition laws and (for most countries) unofficial translations into English can be downloaded from the EU Commission website


Lionel Fulton (2006) Anchoring the European Company in national law