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Employees are represented on the boards of Hungarian companies with more than 200 employees. Both unions and employers were consulted on how the directive was to be implemented in Hungary and the unions expressed concern on the role they had been given. However, this did not lead to a wider public debate.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Hungary (Final report: September 2004)

Hungary transposed both Regulation 2157/2001/EC and Directive 2001/86/EC by means of Act XLV of 2004 by unanimous vote in Parliament on 24 May 2004. The Act was promulgated on 28 May 2004 and will come into effect on 8 October 2004. Hungary seems to have chosen the legislative mode of transposing the Directive on employee involvement in the SE rather than via an agreement between the social partners.

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Translated transposition laws 

The full text of the transposition laws and (for most countries) unofficial translations into English can be downloaded from the EU Commission website


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