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News on European Companies (March 2011)

As of March 2011, a total of 751 registered SE companies are listed in the ECDB (SE factsheets): 58 new SEs have been added to the database since the previous newsletter (January 2011). Meanwhile, five SEs (two empty and three UFO companies) were deleted from national registers and two (normal) SEs were transformed. In addition to the already registered companies, the ECDB currently provides information on 17 planned SEs.

In comparison to previous months, relatively many - eight (8) - normal SEs were registered in January and February 2011. The eight companies represent five countries: four (4) companies in Germany and one (1) each in Latvia, Netherlands, France and Lithuania (the first SE in the country). Three more - earlier registered - SEs were also moved to the ‘normal' category. The number of ‘normal' companies is currently 178.

As in previous months, the number of UFO companies increased the most, largely due to the establishment and activation of shelf companies in the Czech Republic and, to a lesser extent, in Germany. The number of SE companies in the Czech Republic is currently 384 (40 more than two months ago).

To summarise the current numbers (January 2011 figures in brackets), there are:

  • 751 (700) established SEs, of which:
  • 178 (169) normal;
  • 87 (84) empty;
  • 413 (378) UFO;
  • 73 (69) shelf.
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