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Checklists on the European Company (SE)

The checklists have been prepared in a collaboration between UNI-Europa and ETUI to provide information on crucial aspects of the SE legislation. They are available in EN, FR and DE.

Checklist 1: Monitoring the national transposition processes of the SE legislation (May 2004)

Checklist 2: Employee Participation in European Companies (SEs) - Checklist and Information for Employee Representatives and their Trade Unions (December 2004)

  • Checklist on negotiations on Employee Involvement SEs
  • Content of Standard Rules and Agreements on Employee
  • General information on the SE, the Special Negotiating Boday and worker participation in Europe

Checklist 1

SE-checklist-DE SE-checklist-DE.pdf 155,42 kB

SE-checklist-EN SE-checklist-EN.pdf 135,98 kB

SE-checklist-FR SE-checklist-FR.pdf 151,06 kB

Checklist 2: Employee Participation

SE-checklist2-EN SE-checklist2-EN.pdf 316,75 kB

SE-checklist2-DE SE-checklist2-DE.pdf 605,56 kB

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