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European Scenario Workshop ‘Worker Participation 2030’ – Anticipation workshop for EWC and SE-WC Select Committees

It is now several years since the ETUI launched its scenario project "Worker Participation 2030". While the project deals with changing contexts for employee involvement and its actors in the future, the aim is not to predict the future but rather to think through the implications and characteristics of different possible futures and to seek ways of anticipating them. Select Committees of EWC and SE Works Councils which are interested in participating in the workshop can get in touch with the ETUI by 15 November 2013 at the latest.

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SCEN4WORKgroup: Scenario (Net)Workshop

From 27-29 June, the members of the SCEN4WORKgroup met in the Netherlands. This network brings together facilitators for scenario trainings in the context of worker participation. In addition to planning of the network members’ forthcoming activities, participants were presented with a scenario toolkit containing different exercises and approaches designed to foster long-term and systems thinking.

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Scenario Workshop on Labour Relations 2030 in the Finance Sector

Against the background of profound structural change and great uncertainty in the financial sector, the scenario workshop investigated on long-term perspectives for employment and labour relations in the European finance sector over the next 20 years. The workshop brought together 25 employee representatives, shop stewards and trade union officials in the financial sector from different companies and countries.

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Scenario Workshop "Worker Participation 2030" for EWC members

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the future? Unfortunately, that is not something we can teach you. What the scenarios "Worker Participation 2030" do provide is a roadmap of what the future might bring. They do not tell you what you should or should not do. Instead, they help you to conceive different alternatives, prepare for different possible futures and deal with the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. The workshop is addressed to European Works Council members from different companies and different sectors who want their EWC to become more pro-active.

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ScenarioLab “The Art of the Long View – Building and Working with Scenarios”

Scenarios do not want to predict the future. Instead they help us to conceive alternatives and be prepared for several different futures and deal with the risks and opportunities lying ahead of us. In this workshop, participants learned and exchanged on the different steps of a scenario-building process. The group will continue working together in an interdisciplinary, cross-border network of people involved in worker participation using the scenario method. The scenario lab is a follow-up of the scenario project “Worker Participation 2030”.

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European Scenario Workshop 'Worker Participation 2030'

The scenarios Worker Particiption 2030 undertake an adventurous exercise: casting a long look forward into the future, namely the year 2030. The aim of this European scenario workshop was to reflect and exchange on different environments in which worker participation might have to operate in the future. During the workshop, participants explored the four alternative futures of Worker Participation 2030, jointly reflected on their implications and exchange views on strategies and priorities for today.

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Worker participation 2030. Four scenarios.

Michael Stollt and Sascha Meinert (ed.)

Field manual - Scenario building

Sascha Meinert, Institute for Prospective Analy...