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Benchmarking Working Europe 2015

Published every year, the report analyses the state of working Europe explaining with the aid of statistics and graphs the main trends in terms of Europe’s macro-economic situation, its labour market development, the situation of wages and collective bargaining, and worker participation.

The focus of this year’s Benchmarking report is on the lessons learned – or not learned – from eight years of economic crisis and austerity policy. The findings point to policy failures and to the need to redefine alternatives in order to get Europe back on a sustainable growth path. The deterioration of the labour market and social situation in the EU, along with the appointment of a new Commission last autumn, have led to some renewed policy initiatives that seek to restore growth as a means of addressing the situation. The most notable of these initiatives is the Annual Growth Survey with its three pillars: the Investment Plan, fiscal responsibility and structural reforms.

An infographic presenting main findings of the report is available at the ETUI website

Chapter 4 of the Report deals with workers' participation. It discusses:

  • recent developments on EU level aiming at refitting information and consultation rights;
  • transposition of key provisions related to articulation in the recast EWC Directive 2009/38/EC as well as looks at contractual arrangements on articulation in EWC agreements;
  • discusses two dimensions of articulation: horizontal (between various actors) and vertical (between various levels of information and consultation);
  • within the dimension of horizontal articulation discusses the role of health and safety representatives at workplace and their (possible) interlinking with EWCs;
  • presents an overview of health and safety representation in European workplaces;
  • presents findings on the (creeping) europeanisation of board-level employee representation;
  • discusses the position of workers' rights in EU company law.

The full report can be downloaded and purchased (printed version) via the www.etui.org website

Download Chapter 4: Articulating workers’ participation (EN)

Publication date : 2015


Number of pages : 80

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