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This section provides an overview of the outcomes of the Interprofessional European Social Dialogue, most notably the framework agreements, the frameworks of actions and the multi-annual work programmes.


Framework agreements are negotiated between the social partners at European level, and are contractually binding on the signatory parties and their members. They are transposed either by a European Directive – in which case the responsibility for implementation lies with the Member States in the first instance – or by the social partners at national level, who have an obligation for such transposition, while the signatory parties have an obligation to influence their members.

Framework of Action

In the frameworks of action the European social partners identify certain policy priorities. The member organisations of the signatory parties promote the framework at the appropriate levels. These priorities serve as benchmarks and the social partners report annually on the action taken to follow up these texts.

Work Programmes

In 2002 the European social partners chose a path of more autonomy from the European Commission. Instead of merely responding to consultations, they wanted to outline their joint policy priorities in a work programme in order to guide their bipartite work.