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Employees in many companies in Finland already have a right to representation in the decision-making structures of their companies, in a form which is normally agreed between unions and the employer. The proposals in the directive for employee involvement in European companies were, therefore, non-contentious.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Finland (Final report: September 2004 )

The Finnish Act on employee involvement in European Companies (SE) passed through Parliament and was approved by the President of Finland on 13 August. It came into force on 8 October 2004. During its passage through Parliament, no amendments were made to Government Proposal 107/2004. The number of the approved Act is 758/2004.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Finland (Report: June 2004)

In Finland the Government submitted its proposal to the parliament for an Act on Employees’ Involvement in European Companies on 4 June 2004 (Government proposal 107/2004). This proposal was prepared by a tripartite working group within the Finnish Ministry of Labour. Earlier this year a proposal was submitted for a number of changes in general company law (Government proposal 55/2004).

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Translated transposition laws 

The full text of the transposition laws and (for most countries) unofficial translations into English can be downloaded from the EU Commission website


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