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What is understood by “involvement of employees”?

The Directive understands involvement of employees as “any mechanism, including information, consultation and participation, through which employees’ representatives may exercise an influence on decisions to be taken within the company” (Art. 2 Dir).
Information stands for the informing of the employees’ representatives on matters which concern the SE (or which concern one of its subsidiaries in another member state or which exceed the powers of the decision-making organs in a single member state). The timing of the information and the manner in which it is supplied must be appropriate and its content adequate.

Consultation signifies the right of the employees’ representatives to express their opinion on measures planned by the SE. The timing, manner and content of this consultation must be such as to ensure that the opinion can be taken into account in the decision-making process.

Participation means the right to elect or appoint some of the members of the SE’s supervisory board (in two-tier systems) or administrative body (in one-tier systems). It may also signify the right to recommend or oppose the appointment of some or all members of these company boards.

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