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European Worker Participation Competence Centre

About the EWPCC

In October 2008, the ETUC unanimously adopted a resolution to establish a European Worker Participation Fund (EWPF) – located within the ETUI – and setup the European Worker Participation Competence Centre (EWPCC) as part of the ETUI, to be financially supported by the transfer of (part of) the remuneration of workers' representatives on the supervisory and administrative boards of European Companies (SEs). The EWPCC coordinates and organizes activities to support and promote the representation of employees at different levels in multinational companies.

Transfer of remuneration

In accordance with the ETUC resolution of 15/16.10.2008, workers' representatives on an SE Board must, at least, transfer 10% of their remuneration, if that remuneration is less than or equal to €3,500; in addition, transfer 90% of any remaining remuneration over and above €3,500.

Board of Trustees

The structure put in place should guarantee a high degree of transparency and accountability to the contributors and at the same time monitor and assure that contributions due are paid. Therefore, the ETUC Executive Committee receives an annual activity report and a Board of Trustees has been established, made up of representatives of trade union organisations mainly concerned by the transfer of remuneration rule. The Board meets twice a year to discuss the proposals on how to utilise the resources of the EWPF.

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